Much of our society today is being infected by a virus. No, I don't mean a computer or biological virus, but a moral virus that could, if not arrested, spread like a plague and eventually infect, or at least seriously affect, or consume our entire society. It's the irresponsible "blame-game" virus that can end up over time (even though ever so slowly) seriously weaken what was once a healthy, virile people.

When a nation becomes morally weakened from within, it becomes vulnerable to opposing forces from without. Today, I believe that we in Nigeria are in far greater danger of being horrifically decimated than we ever were during the civil war.

Whether it is at a national, state or individual level, when we fail to accept personal responsibility for our actions, we inevitably fall into the blame-game trap. As long as we do this, we will never resolve our personal or national problems.

Individually, we need to accept personal responsibility for every aspect of our life. At the local and national level, we need to vote for leaders whom we know will act responsibly and put the genuine needs of their constituents first instead of bowing to personal interest groups in order to further their own political careers. The people's well-being and security should not be used as a political tool. The people are humans first before numbers.

We live in perhaps a fast developing, highly educated, and technically advancing society amongst our continent. But what kind of defense are super powered high speed jet fighters against suicide bombers and dirty bombs? Our supposed brilliant technology will not save us.

Remember that in his day Hitler was the leader of one of the most educated, intelligent, and enlightened societies up to that point in history. The reality is that if we abandon our moral moorings and lose our moral compass, we will be (and perhaps are already) on a course heading towards national disaster and likely break-up.

Our land no longer know peace in the face of a group of blood thirsty and evil minded individuals who simply have no value for human lives. Killing and maiming of both young and old to them is just like playing street soccer. Taking hostage of teenage girls, abusing and forcing them into sexual slavery is said to be a command issued to them by their god! This is absolute madness. The government on the other hand looks on helplessly, not because she does not know what line of action to take, but because its all politicised.

May we never forget that "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD."

Dear God, please grant in Your loving mercy that You will send a great spiritual awakening to our nation before we are struck again with another "unprecedented kidnapping and blood letting" wake-up call (that so soon we forgot), and as a nation turn our hearts back to You. Please let Your work begin in me. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus's name, amen."

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