THE STAY ALIVE PROJECT: Mitigating the spread of social vices among youths
in Schools, Churches and Mosque

The future of the Nigerian youth population is in grave danger! Permit me to say, this is not to raise a false alarm. The facts are grim. Our youths – those in the 10 – 25 age bracket – have virtually become a neglected lot, by society. They are no longer getting good education; their schools, whether private or public, have become synonymous with dens of social vices; youth rascality and juvenile delinquency thrive in these places, literally without anybody caring.

Drug addiction, cultism, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, abortion, examination malpractices, rape, child abuse, school drop-outs, etc are the foremost moral challenges the youth are faced with today. From the look of things and from available survey, education and awareness campaigns seem to be the only sure way by which these deadly vices could be reduced to the barest minimum. This is what The Stay Alive Project is all about.

You can support us today by:

- Making financial contribution to enable us cover as many schools as possible

- Invite us to talk to your students and parents during the P.T.A. meeting

- Invite us to talk to your church congregation

- Invite us to your youth seminars

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Our Mission
Re-orientate and change the negative belief system of the Nigerian youth and the public in general; in the process, we enhance the quality of life through resource development, community capacity building and poverty alleviation

Our Vision
Positive impartation

Our Team
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Charity Actions

- Hon. Sultan Adeniji Adele's visit
- Our Ambassadors
- Birthday Celebration Party...
- Paying Bills
Video from the KUTH Foundation Youth Soccer Tournament.