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KUTH Foundation Prisons Project
In keeping with KUTH Foundation’s vision of caring, assisting and advocating for the full rights of persons unjustly and unlawfully detained and/or imprisoned, the Foundation kick started the crust of her advocacy program the 3R (Reform, Rehabilitate & Reintegrate) on the 28th of February 2012 with the Ikoyi Prisons. Since the inception of the project, three more prisons within Lagos State has been added to the lists of beneficiaries, namely:

  • The Medium Prisons, Kirikiri
  • Female Prisons, Kirikiri
  • Maximum Prisons, Kirikiri

The 3R program is summarized below:

  • Reformation: 

This is done through series of motivational talks, lectures and counseling. The whole idea is to use these means to bring the inmates back to reality while at the same time, getting them to understand and appreciate the fact that they are still loved and that there is always light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

  • Rehabilitation:       

When we talk of rehabilitation we are simply looking at their immediate needs while in the prisons namely:

  • Justice:- Provision of legal representations for inmates with genuine cases, pleading for leniency and reduction in sentence.
  • Health – Assisting with the purchase of drugs, paying of medical bills, etc.
  • Education: - provision of educational materials, teaching aids and paying of school fees – scholarships.
  • Welfare: - provision of recreational materials, clothes, sleeping kits, etc.
  • Reintegration:       

This is the point where we assist inmates to be reunited with their families once they have been released. We equally give references for those who intend taking up employment and soft landing until they are able to be on their feet again.

Our 3R program is open and easily accessible to all prison inmates, but special attention will be given to those who approach us with good recommendations from the prison authorities.

KUTH Foundation's project director Francis Chilaka delivering a lecture at the
Ikoyi Prisons, Lagos.


Our Mission
Re-orientate and change the negative belief system of the Nigerian youth and the public in general; in the process, we enhance the quality of life through resource development, community capacity building and poverty alleviation

Our Vision
Positive impartation

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