Breast Cancer Awareness

The Nigerian woman is at the verge of breast cancer epidemic. Thus, the need for continued awareness and education cannot be over emphasized.

KUTH Foundation will be organizing a road show, screening and awareness campaign aimed at educating and re-educating the Nigerian woman on the dangers posed by breast cancer and how best to detect and manage same.

The campaign will would come up towards the last quarter of the year will be on a continuous bases and with be directed at the rural dwellers.

The Stay Alive Project

Stay Alive is an HIV/AIDS awareness project that creates awareness on the ways by which HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are spread. The message will be captured in a comic book format that is reader friendly and appealing to youths from the age of 10 years upwards. It will capture all necessary information regarding to how the infection can be contacted and avoided. There will also be a supporting short film that will be taken on a road show to secondary schools, Universities and Churches.

The principal objective of the project is to educate and re-orientate the mind set and behavioral patterns of the youth in relationship to, HIV/AIDS, STI, Cultism, Drug Addiction, and Prostitution, bearing in mind that each of this vices is an agent through which one can get infected.

Expected Result:
Our expectation is that through this project, more young people will be adequately informed, educated and re-educated on how best to live their lives. With this information in hand, they will be able to take charge of their environment as well as know how best to:

  • Manage their sex life and partners
  • Adopt  protective and preventive sexual measures
  • Shun drug addiction
  • Shun Cultism
  • Understand the loss of dignity and self respect with practicing prostitution
  • Imbibe self control
  • Know that education is the key to true success.
  • Understand what life is like for people infected and living with HIV/AIDs

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Widows in Need (WIN)

Widows abound all around us, especially within the walls of the churches and in most cases; some of them do not even have enough resources to take care of themselves, talkless of their children. And in some cases, the family members especially the in-laws are in the fore-front of unleashing hardships on these vulnerable women, who most times, their late husband’s might have left enough resources for them, but for reasons beyond them, are unable to access these resources. Thus, a lot of widows end up living in abject poverty.


The Widows In Need (WIN) project is a program specially designed for widows irrespective of their societal status, religion and tribe. The project seeks to provide succor through:

1. The provision of food stuffs
2. Other necessities of life
3. Build up their self esteem
4. Practically empower them through viable empowerment seminars

The sole aim of KUTH Foundation WIN project is to provide succor and economically empower the widows to become self-sustaining.

The project will be carried out in phases:

The first phase will be the collation of data and registration of widows. Available information suggests that widows are mostly found within small groups in churches. Thus, we will embark on an aggressive registration in churches in the following areas:

1. Festac
2. Surulere
3. Yaba
4. Ikoyi
5. Victoria Island
6. Ajah

Second phase will be the evaluation of registration data so collected.

Third phase will be solicitation for support from individuals and corporate organizations.

Fourth phase will be distribution of food stuffs and other items.

Fifth phase will be organization of seminar and practical life empowerment programs.

The Foundation is open to support from individuals and corporate organizations in the following forms:

1. Donation of food items
2. Donation and provision of other necessities of life
3. Provision of free services (practical vocational trainings, economic empowerment projects)
4. Provision of free seminar materials
5. Provision of free venues (for seminars and hosting of the widows)
6. Cash donations

The logo of all corporate donors will be included on all media related materials

Pandora Projects

Kidneys play key roles in body function, not only by filtering the blood and getting rid of waste products of the body metabolism, like urea from protein, but also by balancing levels of electrolyte (sodium and potassium) in the body, controlling blood pressure, and stimulating the production of red blood cells. They are located in the abdomen toward the back, normally one on each side of the spine.

In the last few months, reports emerging out of both public and private hospitals have shown an unprecedented rise in the number of persons with one kidney problem or the other. Sadly, some of these patients have lost their lives; others stay alive by undergoing dialysis while waiting for kidney transplantation.

Kidney disease is often called a "silent" disease, because most people have no symptoms before they are diagnosed. In fact, one might feel just fine until the kidneys have almost stopped working.

Once the kidneys fail completely, the treatment options are limited to dialysis or kidney replacement by transplantation. Ironically most patients and their families do not have the financial resources to sustain sometimes twice weekly dialysis, lack of which has led to deaths and other complications.


The project is two-fold:

1. To establish a support group that will cater for the emotional and/or financial needs of individuals whose loved ones are faced with life threatening or terminal illness or those who have already lost someone to it. The group will meet once every week.

2. Launch a fundraising campaign for the sole purpose of setting up a highly subsidized dialysis centre to adequately cater for the daily needs of those with chronic kidney problems or other related situations requiring dialysis for sustenance pending when they are ready to undergo kidney transplantation.

The objective is to:

- Provide a support group where people can come together and share experiences.

- Provide succor and relief to patients diagnosed with kidney failure or related illness

- Considerably reduce the financial burden on family members and friends.

The Foundation is open to support from individuals and corporate organizations in the following forms:

1. Cash donation towards the purchase of the dialysis machines (2 to start with) each costing approximately N3,500,000.00.00

2. Donation of office space to be used for the centre

3. Donation of consumables