Re: Pension murder: How two sons killed lecturer dad…Over N45M retirement pay-off

In religious parlance, the term “cult” broadly refers to that devotion or honour afforded to a person or persons. This devotion is itself stratified into various categories differing both in their degrees of intensity and consequently, in the level of approbation given the cult by ecclesiastical authority. Not surprising, this devotion can also, under certain circumstances, be manifested within sacred liturgy, likewise subject to religious regulation.

In recent years, however, the society has regrettably co-opted the innocuous term “cult” and used it to describe a number of aberrant or bizarre organizations that impose inhuman restrictions on their members. This usage, not to mention the underlying practices, is alien to sound logical thoughts.

“Secret cults” or diabolical fraternities among youths were unknown in our society until recently. During the colonial period when injustice was rampant, when Nigerians were maltreated and humiliated by their colonial masters, there “appeared” the need for an indomitable association to fight such social maladies. The first of such associations called the Pirates Confraternity or Association of SEADOGS, was formed at the University of Ibadan to check the excesses of the colonial masters. The association sought peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect between Nigerians and their colonial masters and shunned demonic powers, hooliganism characteristic of contemporary cults. The PIRATE was identified with lofty ideas for peace, progress and stability. Today, “cultism is counterproductive and destructive.” A mere mention of cult sends fear into the hearts of everyone. They have grown in numbers and worsened in the degree of their dastardly acts. They exist in virtually all tertiary institutions across the country and they have also penetrated many of the secondary schools.

They go by different names, including:

1. Buccaneers
2. Black Axe
3. Black Cat
4. Vikings
5. Eiye Confraternity
6. KKK
7. The Mafia
8. Neo-Black Movement
9. Black Beret
10. Black Scorpion
11. Termites
12. Fraternity of Friends
13. Daughters of Jezebel
14. White Angels
15. Knight Cadet, etc.

One thing for sure is that there are no clear-cut guidelines for recruiting memberships. Often we get to know that freshmen are being conscripted into the cults. Indeed, there have been instances when people are murdered for refusing to join.

Quite a number of youths, among the presumed leaders of tomorrow, have had their educational pursuits and even their lives cut short due to their involvement in cult-related activities and yet, many more are enrolling on a daily basis.

Prof. Nathaniel Bassey of the University of Calabar would still be alive today imparting knowledge and wisdom to the youths, but for his two sons, Ekemini and Odiong. Those biological sons of the late professor of economics were each rusticated from their respective universities due to cult-related activities. As cult members, they became so hardened that they lost all human feelings or blood running through their veins.

Thus, they did not see anything wrong in butchering their own father while stuffing his mouth with old newspapers so that he would not scream out in the process until he was dead. How wicked can the human heart really be! If a child can easily kill his own father in cold blood because he would not bring more money to fund inexplicable jaunts that one therefore, wonders what would happen to an outsider.

In-as-much as one would want to blame the youths, we must not lose sight of the fact that the societal moral decadence where the adults constitute a not too acceptable model to the youth prepares the initial foundation for the cult and cult activities. The bane of Nigeria’s problem today is the family. Some families, to say the least, are incoherent, as some fathers belong even to one type of secret society or the other. Frequent family quarrels push the children out and, many atimes, into bad companies. The nature of the child, the way he sees himself (inferiority or superiority complex), how adventurous and rascally he is, the degree of free time at his disposal, are possible additional layman’s reasons why a child may join the cult.

Considering the fact that cult activities are gradually creeping into the homes, leaving the school environment, is a sure sign that all is not well. The time is now ripe for decisive steps to be taken in curbing the activities of this terrible “bush fire” that is threatening to consume our entire youth population.

KUTH Foundation joins all patriotic Nigerians in urging government to take steps in recognizing all campus associations by whatever name they are called; the university authorities should be empowered to register them, note their names, departments and levels of their members so that they can be held responsible. Let government and school authorities stop treating them as face-less groups like Boko Haram.

The universities authorities should take more seriously, the issues of counseling and guidance, instructions devoid of threats, which youths take as an affront.

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