Paying bills at Island Merternity Hospital

Barely seventy-two hours after the formal launch/Dinner Party of Keep Up the Hope ‘KUTH Foundation’, the group is back to work and this time with more zeal. On Thursday, March 22, 2012, Mr. Francis Chilaka, the Programs Director in company of two other staff, namely, Miss Adenike Olatunji and Ibrahim Mohammed and a volunteer, Mr.  Oduborisa Sulaiman paid a visit to the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, Campbell Street Lagos. Their mission was to put a smile on the faces of the patients as well as to restore hope for those who think that all hope is lost.

During the said visit, a cheque in the sum of Seven Hundred & Thirty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Six Naira N730,960.00 was given to the Management of the hospital, being payment for the  bills incurred by 19 patients who are unable to settle their bills. Ironically, some of the patients have long been discharged but have had to stay back pending when their bills could be sorted out by their family members, most of whom we are reliably informed have gone for several days some weeks in search of the funds to no avail. For the patients who are close to being discharged and have no idea of how to off-set their bills, they welcome each new day with fear and frustration.

The visiting team was particularly touched by a lady from the Republic of Togo, who gave birth but lost the baby and got abandoned at the hospital by her lover. Speaking during the visit, the Programs Director said that this singular act of picking up medical bills of the less privileged in public hospitals is very dear to the heart of the Founder/Principal Promoter of the Foundation, Mr. Gerald Azonobo. In conclusion, he asked all the beneficiaries to always remember to pray for the family of Mr. Gerald Azonobo as well as for the success of the endeavours of the Foundation and all those associated with it.

In response, Mr. B. S. Owolabi of the Accountants Department, who conducted the team round the wards, thanked the Foundation on behalf of the Hospital Governing Board for coming to the aid of the patients and promised that once the paper documentations are finished; those already discharged will be allowed to go home to their families.

Below are responses from some of the Beneficiaries:

IYAMAH PATIENCE: With tears in her eyes, I delivered a bouncing baby boy but lost the child, I have been discharged for over two weeks but cannot go home as we have not been able to clear the bills. I want to thank you people, KUTH Foundation for your assistance. God will continue to bless you people. Thank you very much, now I can go home to my family.

AMINAT SOFO: Through an interpreter, she’s from Togo she delivered and lost the baby, and she has been abandoned in the hospital by her lover because he could not pay her bills. I am very happy for your organization’s kind gesture towards me and others in the same shoes with me.

LAWAL OLUWASEUN: I have been in this hospital for over one month after being discharged but could not leave due to my outstanding bills, moreover, I only look towards my mother who is retired but how much can she raise. My joy is beyond words. I am very grateful to you people and your organization for coming to my rescue.

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