Caring and showing love to widows is not just an act edifying one’s social responsibility towards the needy, but it’s also a way of living out one’s spiritual life. Both religions, Christianity and Islam recognizes the importance of providing for the daily needs of widows, thus the Holy Bible and the Quaran are clear on this.

Widows abound all around us, especially within the walls of the churches and mosque. It is a known fact that most of these women barely have enough to take care of themselves, talk less of their children. Most times, the family members especially the in-laws are in the fore-front of unleashing hardships on these vulnerable women and their children. On the other hand, they are easily forgotten by even their late husband’s close friends, those they could have looked up to for assistance. While those willing to assist always want something in return, what a pity!.

The KUTH Foundation Widows In Need (WIN) Project is a program designed with the sole aim of providing and relating on a one-on-one basis with some of these widows. This is achieved through:

1. The provision of food stuffs

2. Other necessities of life (clothes, sometimes rent, etc.)

3. Build up their self esteem (through mentoring, counseling and motivational talks)

4. Practically empowerment through viable trades, crafts and seminars)

Speaking on the project, the Principal Promoter of the Foundation, Mr. Gerald Azonobo, said “If no other person understands the plights of widows, I do since my mother is one and while growing up I knew what she passed through. Am definitely sure some of these widows we are reaching out to might have passed through the same conditions or they might even be passing through harsher ones on a daily basis. More so, my faith enjoins me to show love to widows and nothing is too big for them.”

He then called on all good spirited Nigerians to join the bandwagon of putting smiles on the faces of widows by associating with the foundation. Speaking further, the Program Director of the Foundation, Mr. Francis Chilaka, emphasized that right from inception, the foundation has kept its faith in evolving only programs and projects that have direct impact on the lives of the people. “We are not only particular about giving out food stuffs, we spend ample time talking, sharing experiences and motivating them and by extension putting smiles on their faces.” The current phase of giving out food stuffs will run till the end of the month, to accommodate the widows that meet on every last Saturday of the month.

Finally, I want to thank in a very special way our Principal Promoter, Mr. Gerald Azonobo, he has always been there for us and all those who have always seen the need to support the programs of the foundation, we pray God’s continued blessings on all of you.

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