In the last few months we have all watched helplessly the continued murder and slaughter of our youths, the future leaders of tomorrow: they are neither politicians nor government functionaries yet they are viable tools for satisfying selfish desires by those who apparently have no value for human life.

Just a few examples: 20 female students abducted eventually to be used as sex slaves; over 30 male students slaughtered like rams and their hostel burnt down. The question begging for an answer right now is, what is the offence of these innocent children to warrant such senseless verdict being passed on them by the so-called Boko Haram sect?

This is not the first time those youths, teenagers, and sundry ordinary Nigerians are being slaughtered in their fatherland like mere rams and chickens, macheted to death as they sleep in their homes and dormitories. In a sovereign state, with all the apparatus to protect the citizenry, these attacks sometimes last for hours and no intervention is forthcoming neither from the Police, the Army nor other security authorities.

How many hours does it take to mobilize and fly troops either from Lagos, Ibadan or Abuja to Yobe State for instance? As advocates for the survival of the Nigerian youths, we condemn in very strong terms these unchecked killings in the country; we equally condemn the usual condemnation from Mr. President and other security agencies who have continued to fail to protect the lives and properties of the common man.

We therefore, call on government both state and federal to immediately take steps towards restoring hope to Nigerians by not only ensuring that the perpetrators of such dastardly acts are brought to justice but that adequate measures are put in place to avert such in the near future.

Our youths are the future of this great nation. They deserve to be protected and nurtured.

Long live Nigeria.

Kuth foundation

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