The educational sector in Nigeria rather than advancing has remained comatose. Sadly, most graduates today lack the skills and intellectual ability to compete on the global educational turf. The secondary and primary schools are not spared either. Available statistics show that they are more at the receiving end as social vices have become the order of the day.

KUTH Foundation is particularly worried at the alarming rate at which our educational and moral system is gradually grinding to a halt. More especially when the survival of this great nation highly depends on it. The youth are our future and it is crucial that they remain informed, focused and well prepared to grow, build, and sustain themselves and our great nation, Nigeria.

Our primary focus would be to launch an aggressive campaign that encourages parents, old students, corporate organizations and religious groups to take up the responsibility of contributing towards ensuring a complete moral, physical and mental development and education of the Nigerian child. KUTH Foundation strongly believes that the education of the Nigerian child is a collective responsibility, and that ignorance is not an excuse for not taking the right step.

Ignorant girls and boys become ignorant adults that are prone to crime and social vices and incapable of moral leadership. Once our educational system is right, the leadership will equally be right.


  • Work assiduously towards reversing the deficit in our educational system.
  • Develop projects with the potential of assisting students in Primary Schools on how best to prepare for the future
  • Carry the anti social vices war to Secondary Schools through a project known as “Maximizing Your Potentials (MYP)
  • Renew and Redirect the mind set of students in tertiary institutions, through a project known as “Renewed Minds”.
  • Assist various State Governments through their respective Ministries of Education in achieving their goal of a wholesome educational foundation for the Nigerian child


The Foundations’ educational thrust is targeted at:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Communities
  • Corporate Bodies



Our Mission
Re-orientate and change the negative belief system of the Nigerian youth and the public in general; in the process, we enhance the quality of life through resource development, community capacity building and poverty alleviation

Our Vision
Positive impartation

Our Team
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Charity Actions

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Video from the KUTH Foundation Youth Soccer Tournament.