KUTH Foundation Youth Soccer Tournament Season II

Our season is here again. This month, the KUTH Foundation Annual Football Tournament Season II, kicks off on Jan. 19, 2013.

The tournament, which is warming its way into the hearts of youths and most other decent, society-friendly citizens, especially residents of Festac Town District of Lagos and adjacent areas, is a popular youth engagement activity.

It is promoted liberally by the youth-centric (Keep up the Hope) KUTH Foundation to promote its core objectives and programs.

KUTH Foundation’s media/public communications officer Miss Adenike Olatunji said in a statement from the NGO’s Surulere headquarters that appetizing prizes are up for grabs in this second season of the tourney.

On the cards are first prize for the winning team, going for N650,000; another N400,000 for the silver-winning team, and N250,000 for the third-placed winner.

Last season, the tournament, won by 5th Avenue FC attracted a N500,000 cash price to the winner and other consolation prizes to the first and second runners-up.

Nike says that KUTH program director Mr. Francis Chilaka, has been explaining the spirit of the football project, one strand of the KUTH bouquet very dear to the heart of the principal promoter Mr. Gerald Agbonoarue Azonobo.

Mr. Chilaka explains “KUTH Foundation is an honest not-for-profit, non-racial, gender-universal, non-governmental organization with a passion to create change in the lives of youths and others challenged by the vicissitudes of life.”

“KUTH Foundation desires to create cutting-edge solutions to societal vices among youths,” Francis adds.

“At KUTH Foundation, we know full well that youths like entertainment and decent ecstasy – the reason why we came up with the Annual Football Project for them. The Foundation shall explore soccer, music, talent-hunt, motivational talks, et cetera, as tools to reach out to youths wherever they may be found within our reach,” the statement said.

The tournament along with its accompanying components shall also be an avenue through which to discover talents in not just soccer, but other areas of individual achievement, including music, comedy and various arts gifts.

Role models featuring in side attractions of this year’s tournament include Basket Mouth, AY, Julius Agwu, W4, Crazy Legs, and MC Abbey, all of who have since confirmed they would attend.


KUTH Foundation Youth Soccer Tournament Season II

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