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About KUTH Foundation

Keep Up The Hope - KUTH Foundation (Reg. No. 48350), is a non-governmental, non-partisan humanitarian organization, established on the 11th of November 2011, to provide cutting-edge solution to societal vices amongst the youth, promote civic education, democracy and good governance in the belief that these are the fundamentals to sustainable development and should be inculcated in the youth at an early stage in life.

The Foundation equally provides and cares for the less privileged in the society, especially the elderly, widows, orphans, motherless babies, the mentally and physically challenged, destitute, prison inmates, and the indigent generally.

Aims & Objectives

KUTH promotes a better society through the following:

- Organize seminars, workshops and conferences to educating the youths on and inculcate in them the need to shun social vices in whatever form, whether, drugs, prostitution, abortion, examination malpractices, cultism, idleness, robbery, rape, alcoholism, and the proclivity for violence generally.

- Support the educational pursuit of all young persons, especially brilliant and naturally challenged children. Indigent children of school age that are not yet in school have a special place through the award of scholarships and other forms of assistance. The scheme covers all levels of education.

Render financial and material assistance to:

- Orphanage homes
- Motherless Babies' Homes
- Old people’s homes
- Homes for children with disability (physically and mentally)
- Widows
- Psychiatric patients
- Destitute
- Prison Inmates*
- Other NGOs

Pick up medical bills of:

- Anonymous accident victims
- Expectant and lactating mothers
- Persons with special medical issues (spinal cord, liver, kidney, etc.)
- Babies with special medical problems

Provide counseling and care for:

- Prostitutes, especially youths among them
- Physically, Emotionally and Sexually abused children
- Alcoholics
- Persons infected with HIV
- Persons living with AIDS

*We Reach out to Prison inmates through our 3R program:

- Reformation: (motivational talks, seminars, legal representations)
- Rehabilitation: (Education, medical, recreation and daily needs)
- Reintegration: (Reunite them with their families, provision of “soft landing” and employment opportunities

Promotion of Civic Education, Democracy and Good Governance.

Our Mission
Re-orientate and change the negative belief system of the Nigerian youth and the public in general; in the process, we enhance the quality of life through resource development, community capacity building and poverty alleviation

Our Vision
Positive impartation

Our Team
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Charity Actions

- Hon. Sultan Adeniji Adele's visit
- Our Ambassadors

- Birthday Celebration Party...
- Paying Bills
Video from the KUTH Foundation Youth Soccer Tournament.